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Agastache, Patchouli (Huò xiāng 藿香,广藿香)

Pungent flavor and slightly warm thermal nature. Acts on Spleen, Stomach, and Lung meridians. Active Compounds: Contains about 2-2.8% volatile oil which is the most effective part of the plant. Clinical Usage and Indications: Dispels dampness. For accumulation of dampness … Continue reading

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Hawthorn Fruit (Shan Zhā 山楂) – #1 for Indigestion

 Functions and Indications: Promotes digestion and remove food stagnation. When indigestion and food retention characterized by abdominal distention or pain, diarrhea, etc.  Is the number 1 herb for indigestion due to meat. Stir-fry with Mai Ya (sprouted barley), then make a tea for … Continue reading

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