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Mushroom Ganoderma (Ganoderma Lucidum) (Ling Zhi 紫灵芝)

Sweet (tián 甜) and bitter (kú苦) flavor and Yin-Yang neutral (zhōng xìng 中性) thermal nature and is affiliated with the heart, liver, lung, spleen, and kidney Meridian. Active compounds: Ganoderma Lucidum, an oriental fungus, has a long history of promoting … Continue reading

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Baru Almond or Cumbaru (Dipterix Alata)

Sweet flavor and and cool thermal nature. Acts on Liver, Kidney and Spleen meridians. Active compound: The baru is a typical fruit of the Brazilian Cerrado. The nut is about 23% protein and is a high nutritional value. In recipes … Continue reading

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Bacteria to Blame?

Gut bacteria may provide the trigger for autoimmune uveitis, a destructive inflammation of the eye, researchers at the US National Eye Institute (NEI) reported in a study published today (August 18) in Immunity. Autoimmune uveitis is a painful condition that can … Continue reading

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