Baru Almond or Cumbaru (Dipterix Alata)


Sweet flavor and and cool thermal nature. Acts on Liver, Kidney and Spleen meridians.

Active compound:

The baru is a typical fruit of the Brazilian Cerrado. The nut is about 23% protein and is a high nutritional value. In recipes and confectionery to baru nuts can replace peanuts, cashews or other nuts.

The baru almond exudes nutrients with antioxidant properties such as vitamin E; is high in fiber, rich in sugar, potassium, iron, omega-9, zinc and copper. The almond, appreciate as human food, is rich in unsaturated oil, and owns about 26 % of protein content, calcium and phosphorus, similar to peanuts.

Clinical Usage and Indications:

  • Has anti-rheumatic medicinal properties
  • Fungicides properties
  • Has aphrodisiac properties
  • Prevents anemia due its rich iron content
  • Reduce hypertension and the bad cholesterol (LDL), also helps regulate glucose levels and decrease the incident of cancer. The Omega-9 is a potent antioxidant, which helps in healing and in reducing hair loss, since it also reinforce the Kidney-Yang

Directions: To add the properties of baru nuts to the body, just consume 4-5 units a day, but it should never be eaten raw. The ideal is to eat it roasted, as thus it is possible to inactivate the “so- called” anti-nutritional factors, which may interfere with the absorption of minerals like calcium and zinc.

The fruit can be fully used, resulting in fruit pulps, oils, flour, butter and pies. The flour made from the baru nuts may be consumed in juices and soups.

Precautions: As well  as other types of nuts, the baru nut has a high caloric content. If in a diet, use it sparingly.

From The Tao of Tummy © book

About Dao of Tummy

Elisabete Alves de Souza, DOM, has over two decades of clinical experience. She is part of a Daoist lineage that focuses on achieving more significant states of health. Dr. de Souza has drawn from many studies in Brazil, California, New York, Chicago, and more to create her innovative nutrition treatments. She treats different conditions and symptoms in a nonaggressive way, transforming and fortifying your health with her unique knowledge and technique.
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