Hawthorn Fruit (Shan Zhā 山楂) – #1 for Indigestion

hawthorn Functions and Indications:

  • Promotes digestion and remove food stagnation. When indigestion and food retention characterized by abdominal distention or pain, diarrhea, etc.  Is the number 1 herb for indigestion due to meat. Stir-fry with Mai Ya (sprouted barley), then make a tea for indigestion and cook fresh Shan Zha (hawthorn fruit) for tea.
  • Alleviates diarrhea. Burn 10 g Shan Zha into charcoal. Grind to powder, add to water and drink.
  • Promote blood circulation, resolving blood stagnation. Help in cases of delayed menstruation, or dysmenorrhea due to blood stagnation. Coronary heart disease, cook with brown sugar and drink. Use over a long period of time.
  • Lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Hypertension and hyperlipidemia. Decoct Shan Zha, Bin Yang Jian (6g Shan Zha), and add crystal sugar to taste. Make a warm tea for Hypertension: 12 g Shan Zha, 3 pieces He Ye  (lotus leaf). Decoct. Make a tea for  Hyperlipidemia,
  • Corrects blood coagulation, and expels tapeworms. To relieve abdominal pain due to acute and chronic gastritis, enteritis and dysentery grind 6 –  9 g charcoaled hawthorn fruit into powder. Take the powder with warm water daily

Directions: one common recipe: 4 ounces Shan Zha (hawthorn fruit), 4 ounces Gu Ya (sprouted rice), 4 ounces Mai Ya (sprouted barley), and 1 1/2 cups of sugar are simmered in 8 cups of water until the ingredients break down into a thin paste. The paste is strained out and a teaspoon added to hot water to make a drink taken twice a day.

Precaution: Week digestion in the absence of food stagnation or when acid regurgitation.

From The Tao of Tummy © book, in the Chapter of Digestive Foods

About Dao of Tummy

Elisabete Alves de Souza, DOM, has over two decades of clinical experience. She is part of a Daoist lineage that focuses on achieving more significant states of health. Dr. de Souza has drawn from many studies in Brazil, California, New York, Chicago, and more to create her innovative nutrition treatments. She treats different conditions and symptoms in a nonaggressive way, transforming and fortifying your health with her unique knowledge and technique.
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