Brazilian Feijoada


1 pound black beans

1/2 pound pork ribs

1/2 pound bacon

2 onions finely chopped

6 cloves garlic finely chopped

2 smoked sausages cut in big chunks

1 Tsp ground pepper

6 bay leaves

Soak the beans overnight first then cook with bay leaves for 45 minutes over a medium heat, add garlic, onions, pork ribs, bacon, and sausages. Simmer for about one hour or until the met fall of the bone. Serve with rice, slices of orange and finely chopped spring greens and onions.

From The Tao of Tummy © book

About Dao of Tummy

Elisabete Alves de Souza, DOM, has over two decades of clinical experience. She is part of a Daoist lineage that focuses on achieving more significant states of health. Dr. de Souza has drawn from many studies in Brazil, California, New York, Chicago, and more to create her innovative nutrition treatments. She treats different conditions and symptoms in a nonaggressive way, transforming and fortifying your health with her unique knowledge and technique.
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